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La Terra Fina Classic Quiche Lorraine, 23 oz
la terra fina

La Terra Fina Classic Quiche Lorraine, 23 oz


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This is such tasty healthy breakfast meal so delicious you can taste everything in it easy to do just put it the oven at 350 for 35 minutes then you can make your side to go with it whatever you prefer! my kids like when i make bacon and hash browns with it!! You can purchase this from publix at affordable price!
As a foodie, I am willing to try anything once. It really paid off here. I am always on the lookout for quiche and it has become so hard to find. This is a delicious quiche made healthier by using egg whites. La Terra makes traditional quiche Lorraine and surprisingly my fav in this brand, the broccoli 🥦 quiche. Totally flavorful and somewhat guilt free. Found in Walmart, Kroger and Aldi. Reasonably priced at $7.99. La Terra also makes dips, hummus and other items, I would like to try. Recommend. #food

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