Anyone else tried this product and feel like it works wells on healing dry skin?
New York, NY - a year ago
17 answers
Yesssss! It has healed my dry cracked heels if that tells you anything! 😘😘
Nichols, SC - a year ago
100% it’s made a difference for my skin routine. I rarely run into a product that I’ll actually vouch for making some kind of difference in my life, this one though had genuinely real results. I’m feeling super blessed haha. Moved into a new house with hard water and watched my skin go down the drain within a week. This is currently my lifeline.
Las Vegas , NV - a year ago
It’s super moisturizing and super thick! It’s been wonderful so far!
Spokane, WA - a year ago
Yes!!!!! It’s magic for healing my dry skin
Alpharetta, GA - a year ago
YES!!! I am now in LOVE with it!! I have severe dry skin and now noone would be able to tell.
Austin, TX - a year ago
Def. helps heal dry skin, I just wish it smelled better.
Santee, CA - a year ago
I had EXTREMELY dry skin my whole pregnancy, and this is the only stuff that has worked for me!La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+
Parsonsburg, MD - a year ago
I have really dry skin. After using this for 2 days, I saw a big improvement! My skin look so smooth after using this. I highly recommend this product for dry skin.
Richmond, VA - a year ago