Has anyone tried [product:hyaluronic-acid-2%-b5]? How does that one compare to this?
Mississauga, ON - il y a 8 mois

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The serum will give you all the benefits of hyaluronic acid, whether it is deep moisturizing the skin and ridding it of dullness and pallor, or filling in fine lines and superficial wrinkles and giving the skin a natural fullness and ridding it of thinness. The serum also contains soothing and anti-inflammatory substances that give your skin a very sweet feeling of comfort and freshness.. and because it is a serum, it will surely be suitable for all skin types, even combination and oily skin. Its only drawback is that it does not contain the compound found in the “RVB MisoFall” serum, which protects hyaluronic acid from decomposition and damage due to hyaluronidase enzymes, and therefore the effect will be short-term, so you must use it frequently and continuously because if you stop it, it will disappear in a short period. This is the only drawback of this unique serum from La Roche-Posay.
il y a 6 mois