Hi so I am thinking about trying a set of products from LP. For dry skin at middle age range and looking for anti-aging, hydrating and also lifting, should I just go for this blue-bottle Caviar line? Or is there another line anyone would recommend? thank you! 
Wilsonville, OR - il y a 2 ans

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Yes I would definitely recommend that if you want an over all moisturizer that fights aging as well as moisturizes your skin. It's not greasy, it smells amazing but not too strong! I have yet to try their new skin care line for anti-aging! I'm also looking forward to trying there under I anti-aging skin caviar it is a mixture of the caviar and a cream coming out both together at once! Laprairie also always since at least 2 samples you will not be disappointed it is more on the expensive end but it is so well worth at the science behind the product is amazing I tried La Mier and it does not even come close to comparing! If you happen to try the anti aging before I please let me know how it works!
il y a 2 ans