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La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator
La Prairie

La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator


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Love this product! Great exfoliater! Makes your skin glow! Would love to try other products in this line! I hear they are wonderful
What can I say? Its La Prairie! Expensive and it shouldn't be! I used La Mer religiously; to include La mer Replenishing oil exfoliator, I will review both... This LP cellular mineral face scrub has lather salt scrub, a lot more thicker and the oil exfoliator is a bit more stickier on your face. Must be used after cleansing, make sure your face is dry. Thing has made my face super clean, dewy and radiant and ready for the next step in my nightly skincare.. I use this maybe 1-2 every 2 weeks, and rotate it with the La Mer one and trust me you will see the difference. It smells great! I do use the LP Blue lotion (Toner) cellulaire vivifiante with all my scrub, its like a magnet! You cannot go wrong with LP, if you can splurge I would def try this facial scrub. I cannot say it is worth it why I gave a 4 star review, its right up there with La Mer and works as good, only difference is the La Mer one is more like table salt size, more oilier yellow paste with it and easier to spread around and easier to exfoliate faster, the paste on the La Mer is easier to work with, like I said, this one is thicker salt, almost like the size of a grinded himalayan salt! Both works amazing.... I get the same clean results and both are 3.4 oz except La Mer is about $10-15 cheaper, LP looks prettier on my countet because of the white classy tube and silver font and cap.... does not make you break out, works well with all skin type
I’ve used this one twice a week for years, it’s a pretty standard looking manual exfoliator but the beads are completely spherical so they gently exfoliate and don’t irritate the skin... super expensive but this is what I save my Nordstrom notes for, and the stuff just works!

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