How is this compared to the SK2 serum?
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I haven't tried the sk2 serum either but if you're curious on texture of it think of the maybelline baby skin primer. It has a very similar texture to it except it's a concentrate, when I used the le mer tho I did notice improvement on my skin right away, it looks brighter and less dull. My pores also looked better and scars were going down. My skin liked it very much and I didn't even need a primer for my makeup because this prepped my skin so well and it smelled very fresh. It also sank into your skin and left behind no sticky feel or weird film it's a great product the price is just the problem if you're on a budget but as far as giving it a 5 star I think it's well deserved
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I have not been able to try the SK2 serum yet so I can't compare the 2, I'm sorry. Tho if u can get a sample of the la mer the concentrate I would do that to try it, exspecially considering the price. I seen a ad on Google or fb when was messing around on one of them for the concentrate and thats how i got a sample of it but if u can't find that maybe go on the la mer website and ask for a sample to try it before purchasing. I get samples from la mer and Estee lauder quite often and thats usually how I get them. I hope this helps and I hope u can find a sample to try it. Its a great serum, just way too exspensive for me.
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