Is this serum moisturizing? Or drying? Does it work well under foundation?
Reynoldsburg, OH - 22 days ago

2 answers

I use it under makeup everyday and I haven't had any issues. I don't find it drying at all but it isn't moisturizing enough to use as a moisturizer (I have dry skin so I always use a moisturizer after applying serums anyway).
12 days ago
This is a lightweight serum. Not too moisturizing, it dries quickly. I have not yet used it under foundation I use this as a nightly regimen and in the morning to brighten up my complexion just to run those morning errands prior to putting makeup on my face. I'll tell you what I'll do, so to prevent you from spending money on something that would be a mis- understood product for you. Today I'll put this on under my daily makeup and then I'll answer you again. Im all about treat others like I'd like to be treated and I believe strongly that this method would help you out.. by being able to honestly answer that question prior to your purchasing it..I could prevent you from buying something that wouldn't work for I'll be back sweetheart today is Tuesday Feb 4, 2020
12 days ago