Why have like glitter ?
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wow, yes you are very right, thank you for answering me, I appreciate it and if I loved it, I also bought it sale in sephora 😃 and looks different when I put in my brow Don’t see any glitter 😅
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Ok, so although it looks like there's shimmer to it in the pan, when you apply it there's 0 shimmer on your brows. I've checked it in natural and artificial light and from every single angle and there is no shimmer at all once applied. What the shimmer-like ingredient in this product actually does is create dimension. I don't know how it does that, but it does...and VERY well! I love this brow product. I enjoy wearing it alone or on top of eyebrow pencil for a more bold brow...but honestly, for a brow powder it does an amazing job on it's own; you can make super sharp angles and a beautiful fade without it looking powdery like some brow powders do. You can search this product on YouTube and watch some tutorials to see for yourself, it's what I did before I purchased it on Sephora. I lucked out too when I bought it because it was on sale for around $10-12. 🤗🙌
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