I bought this because it was on sale for $8 and I didn’t like it much it had some fall out while applying and it’s not long lasting in my opinion.Did anyone else feel the same ?
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UPDATE I believe it was Hannah Montana that said it right (and sang too), “Everybody makes mistakes” because “No one is perfect” and not only do I agree but I’m also proof of that...in many ways but I’m only going to focus on one for now. A few months back, I was frolicking around on Sephora.com and came across an amazingly good deal on an eyebrow product by KVD called Brow Struck Dimension Powder. I hate hate hate my eyebrows, actually I barely have any eyebrows anymore. From years & years of non-stop coloring, penciling, drawing, shaping, tweezing and waxing my poor brows, they apparently had enough because they left and never came back, except for a few stragglers. I don’t have much of a natural arch and for whatever reason, if I try to create an arch, it’s more than obvious that I’m not supposed to have beautiful brows because the skin where my eyebrows used to be makes it look like I have scars-like there’s these indentations were my eyebrows used to be. It’s hard to explain but I look rough af. I look like one of those females on jerry springers top 10 most memorable moments. The ones who have those penciled in stick figure eyebrows, with black eyeliner only on their lower eyelid and 20 coats of black Wet n Wild, possibly the old school pink and green maybelline mascara on their top lashes and that purple/mauve colored lip liner caked on and dramatized with that cheap frosted mauve colored lipstick-the kind that even smells like cheap mauve lipstick and some hideous 1980s pink flamingo color looking blush in straight & wide streak across each cheek. Their hair still somewhat resembles the mullet and usually looks like they’ve been coloring their hair “blonde” with cheapo boxed hair color since the day they were born and if you look at it wrong or blink too fast, it may break off and shatter on the floor-what’s left of it anyway. They usually have those barbwire tattoos on their upper arm and have that spongebob figure-top heavy with super skinny hips and legs and they walk on stage like a dude would but you know they’re trying to be feminine and girly 🤦‍♀️ I could go on and on but that’s what comes to my mind when I try to arch my stupid brows. My point is, I’ve been having a hard time finding a good eyebrow powder ever since Smashbox changed their eyebrow powder years ago. The same eyebrow powder that I absolutely loved. They did an “update” or something terrible to the eyebrow powder that I was hopelessly devoted to. The texture was way off. So when I received my order from Sephora’s, I was super excited to try the eyebrow powder but that quickly faded when I tried it on. I don’t know why I continued to use it but I’m glad I did because now it’s my new fave eyebrow product. In fact, I’m going to order some more this weekend because I just ran out of mine. I no longer can scrape the edges of the compact with my brush to get the very last bit of the this fabulous powder. The picture I posted with this update shows what my brows look like using this product.KVD Vegan Beauty Brow Struck Dimension Powder I was wrong about this product to begin with and owning up to my wrongdoings is very important and very necessary in the life I live. We’re born to grow and I only have the desire to grow into a better person. So please forgive me KVD!!! You don’t need my thoughts or opinions, you know exactly what you’re doing. ORIGINAL REVIEW ⬇️Kvd Vegan Beauty Brow Struck Dimension Powder I bought the medium brown shade for $8 @ Sephora and I’m not too impressed. My main issue is the texture. I don’t get an even application-it looks choppy. I’m glad I only paid $8 for this and not the original price ($20).
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I’ve used this powder for 2 years and it’s been the only one I’ve used. I love it! I’m sorry it has a lot of fall out I’ve never had a problem with this powder. If you bought it at Sephora you can always use return it!
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