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Kushies Classic Fitted Diapers - Infant - Crazy Circles Pink

Kushies Classic Fitted Diapers - Infant - Crazy Circles Pink


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I really, really didn't like these diapers. I think we used them twice before putting them up for sale in a local swap group. They looked cute, but that was about it.
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I know for an AIO diaper these seem so tempting and so affordable but please please heed my warning and stay away. Far far away. I bought some of these for $1 off another mama and learned within one day why she let them go for almost nothing. These diapers have no elastic in the back, meaning any loose poo goes right up and out the back of the diaper. The leg gussets (if they can even be called that) don't hold anything in and gap in a big way. I had my child in his high chair one day and he pooped, it slid right out the side of the diapers down his leg and all over the floor. When I opened the diaper I was amazed to see that there was almost no poop in there. IT all excited through the leg gaps. I've tried to figure out how to salvage these diapers as they actually are super absorbent. If the legs and back could be fixed they'd be amazing! I am just afraid that my child will poop while wearing them. I've used them at night with a hemp insert and they work great, as long as he doesn't poop.


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