Kruegermann Naturally Fermented Dill Pickles in Cloudy Brine 32 fl oz

by Kruegermann

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Fermented dills are made from fresh cucumbers. Genuine dill pickles are placed into a mild salt solution, which allows naturally occurring Lactobacillus to ferment all sugars present in the cucumbers. The result is lactic acid, appearing as a cloudy brine. After fermentation, the cucumbers are packed in Kruegermann's own blend of spices, dill, and diluted brine made from the original mild salt solution.

Please check ASIN B01GGPWMTY if you are interested in mutiple jars of this item; Kruegermann dills stand out because they are allowed to slowly ferment naturally without any agents speeding up the process.; The cucumbers used for Kruegermann Dill Pickles are grown on a family owned farm in Stockton, California.; The pickles are pasteurized without using preservatives.


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