How does this feel on dry skin? Does it accentuate your dry patches? Does it feel oily & not sink into the skin?
Rosemead, CA - il y a 2 mois

2 answers

I have combination skin, so I'm only dry in some spots. But this instantly showed texture in places I didn't even know I had texture. Was just really uneven and looked horrible. I'm not really sure who this is made for, because I feel like it's too oily for people with oily skin, too uneven for combination skin, and too clingy for dry skin. I guess people with "normal" skin?? Just a really weird product. It does skin in nicely though and gives you kind of a dewy look.
il y a un mois
It’s super oily and really a sheer coverage. I was so excited to try it but wasn’t impressed at all.
il y a 2 mois