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i first wrote here about the hourglass setting powder vs kosas then i realized you did say “Ambient” powders. Kosas is a setting powder, to set your foundation. it has a light tint and applies quick and easy. it’s fantastic, you can use a lot of it and it won’t look cakey. it’s one of my favorites and i’ve only had it a month or 2. the hourglass ambient powders are called Finishing powders, so that product goes on after your setting. after you’ve done your all makeup you put the finishing powder so it will not set your foundation like the kosas. it will give you a lovely, smooth subtle glow. the HG has some particles in it to effect how light hits your face to make it enhanced which i can’t explain lol long story short, they’re both great but aren’t for the same type of application (sorry for the novel)
2 days ago