Will this hold up to a chewy pit bull? KONG Classic Medium Dog Toy ?
Baltimore, MD - il y a 6 mois

4 answers

Yes! I have a 90 pound American bulldog , and a 140 pound German Shepard....This is the only toy that I have found that they can’t destroy!
il y a 4 mois
Yes, Lynsay this will hold up. It’s held up with my girls and I have never replaced them because of chewing damage.? I’ve replaced them because of the size of my pets as they grew. It’s a wonderful chew toy that can be filled with treats and bounces around for added fun.
il y a 5 mois
Lynsay, we have the large version of this same product and my 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier has had his for a long time! A few bits out here and there but still almost fully intact!
il y a 5 mois
We have a Malinois and German Shepherd. We are big on Kong, but it has to be the black variety (extreme). Even then, we watch them carefully because they still chew through them eventually.
il y a 6 mois