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Kohls Empower 3-in-1...
11 Reviews
4 / 5
This holds your door in place on a windy day - but seriously - this adjustable kettle ball set works for beginners and folks wanting a heavier weight. It eliminates the need for multiple kettle balls. The sectional disks are easy to take off and add back; just depress the clip and twist. The handle has a good, solid feel and is suitable for one or two handed use.
5 / 5
Great dumbbell to exercise with. I love to use dumbbells when doing squats. It makes it more effective to tone your legs. The brand Empower is really good. Good quality.
2 / 5
It works but it’s not the best. I tried better equipment honestly but the thing is that they work but they are not so great. They are affordable but not worth the money ..... it’s better to buy this type of equipment at Walmart, big 5 or better yet a place where they sell good gym equipment.
5 / 5
Can't believe I found this listed on Influenster! I actually own this thing! Haha! This is such a super awesome tool to have at home. What makes this kettlebell better than all the rest is that you can build the desired weight by adding or removing the discs, insteading of owning tons of kettlebells in different weights & taking up so much room in the home or wherever!
3 / 5
Great weight and I Rajput for moms at home to do during nap time. It is on the pricey side.
5 / 5
This 3 in 1 kettle bell is perfect for at home workouts!! Met all my expectations.
5 / 5
amazing price for a 3-1 and i think its very honest to its advertising!!!!!
5 / 5
This is a great kettle bell, and affordable! The dvd is great that goes with it and makes me want to exercise!
5 / 5
This is a very good kettle bell, unlike most you can add/remove weight to customize your workouts. I prefer the plastic grip it has opposed to the metal ones I've used in the past. Great grip for safe and effective results, I like that I can confidently workout without worrying about it slipping out of my hands.
5 / 5
This is a great purchase for anyone looking for an awesome workout without needing a ton of equipment! I love that it has an adjustable weight!