Knowledge Adventure 151422 Jumpstart Advanced 1st Grade 2.0

by Knowledge Adventure

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There's no stopping a kid with JumpStart Product Information There's no stopping a kid with JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade 2.0 because with this 4 CD-ROM set, you're child will set the pace. Activities automatically adjust to your child's natural learning style and pace so games are never too hard and never too easy. This fun-filled games is the perfect blend of learning and entertainment, with several skills for your child to learn in a variety of fun-filled formats. Plus, the game has a built-in motivating rewards system to keep your child interested and wanting to learn more. Now, they can learn fundamental 1st grade knowledge, learn about music and instruments, nurture their creativity, and even learn what it takes to take care of a pet. Product Highlights Motivating rewards system keeps children engaged 4-CD set helps kids practice and build essential 1st grade skills Activities address several fundamental skills in reading, math, and more Based on state educational standards with auto leveling which adjusts to your child's pace Learning profiler determined the child's learning style and adjusts play Product Features Fundamentals Master several different math, reading, science, and spelling skills Build essential 1st grade skills like addition, spelling, vocabulary, earth science, and more Includes an introduction to 2nd grade concepts Music Explore a fascinating musical world Learn about melodies, rhythm, instruments, and harmony with fun toe-tapping songs Children can even compose their very own tune Art Club Bring out your child's creativity with hours of fun activities Create works or art including cards, banners, crafts, and more Pet Playground Adopt and take care of your own virtual pet Teach it tricks, buy it accessories, and play pet games Skills Learned Reading Phonics Consonant Sounds Short and Long Vowels Blends Digraphs Syllab


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