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Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive Black

Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive Black


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It used to be my favorite but it takes long to dry and the lashes just pop off. Maybe the Changed the formula. It also doesn’t get tacky enough.
Kiss is my go to whenever it comes to my lash glue and it pretty much stays unless you rub your eyes constantly but over all it’s a good beginner friendly glue
This glue is good I would give it a 4.5. It comes out a little fast so I wish it had a smaller hole and wish it came with an eyelashes applicator for people like me who are good at messing things up lol. Overall though the glue was good, I have sensitive eyes it did not irritate my eyes at all , it was light weight , matched the lashes perfect . I wore my lashes with this glue for about 12 hours and they never lifted ! I almost felt like I could sleep with them on! However [email protected] came time to take them off they came off easily . Definitely something I would get again
I always see this at target but I’m so worried it doesn’t last all day or I’ll sweat the glue away. Is it hot humid weather proof? I wear lashes pretty often but even what I use now doesn’t really hold up!
Which lash glue dries the quickest with the least mess? Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive Black Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive Clear (6-Pack) by Ardell
Does the Kisses Lash glue better then the duo lash glue ?
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