How long do they last?
Vienna - il y a 3 ans

3 answers

I normally can get a few days to a week out of a set. I do keep the glue for the week as I normally have one that gets lose & just needs more glue (typically dominant hand & finger like a pointer), but honestly pretty great for what these are. These are normally my quick special event nails when there is no time for a salon, so totally the wear I would expect.
il y a 3 mois
I had nails pop off within the first 48 hours. Such a pain. I wouldn’t repurchase these or recommend to others. Impress nails are by far so much better! They have a sticky portion on the back and 100% stay for 2 weeks every time I use them!
il y a 3 mois
They lasted me 2-3 weeks! After 2 some nails popped off but I glued them back on and they stayed on with no problem
il y a 2 ans