Kiss Falscara False Eyelash Starter Kit

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Mediocre at best. When these first came out they were the best on the market, once I started trying other brands I realized how flimsy these ones were. The band is too thin, pretty uncomfortable, and does not last very long. They do look very natural and pretty if you can get them to actually stick on.
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5 / 5
I cannot live without this product! I am so glad that this was developed and introduced. I like to wear falsies time to time however the biggest problem I have is that I have stick straight lashes. Once I curl them together and apply mascara with the false lashes, they look good until later in the day. You then can start to see that my natural lashes will go back to being straight and it just looks off. Since you can apply these false lashes under your real lashes, it helps give off the illusion that my lashes are still curled. If you want all of the products associated to this, definitely get this set. However all you really need is the seal/bond applicator and/or the applicator. The remover and overnighter aren't that necessary.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I absolutely love these!! I’ve used these a few times and it always makes it so easy to apply which I love because I’ve always struggled with putting lashes on. They have a bunch of different styles and they look natural looking and they are very comfortable on the eyes.