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Angela S.
  • It was very easy to apply and the package comes with different sizes so that you can get the closest fit to your real nails. in 145 reviews.

  • Deanna M.
  • I love the designs and I like the idea of not using nail glue but this product doesn't last long once you press them on. in 120 reviews.

  • Angel W.
  • These don't last very long went to sleep and woke up 2 had fallen off :( great for my daughters formal at school and alot cheaper then a manicure :) in 110 reviews.

  • Jillian H.
  • Super easy to apply, loads of color and design options, and can last up to about 2 weeks if you don't do anything crazy. in 106 reviews.

  • Diana R.
  • Pretty cool product, I got these to try out from influenster, I really liked the product and how it applies to your nails and lasts a long time (6 days for me). in 82 reviews.

  • imPRESS Press-on Manicure is made with Revolutionary SafeHold™ Adhesive Technology which ensures nails stay on and eliminates damage to natural nails. More flexible than other artificial nails, imPRESS provides a comfortable fit and durable, lasting wear—twice as long as other press-on nails. A salon-perfect manicure that’s available in short or medium lengths and a broad selection of gorgeous colors, on-trend designs, and sparkling glitter styles—all with an ultra-gel shine! How to Apply: Select the correct nail size for each finger; tab side aligns with cuticle. Cleanse natural nails with enclosed prep pad. Peel off backing to uncover adhesive. Align nail with cuticle. Press down firmly in the middle, then firmly on each side of nail. Apply thumb nails last. To remove, just peel off from the side. imPRESS Press-on Manicure is available in the US for $5.99 – 7.99 at CVS, Kmart, Rite-Aid, Target, Walgreens and Walmart stores nationwide. imPRESS Press-on Manicure is available in Canada for $8.99 – 10.99 at Walmart, Target, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Katz, Loblaws, and other major drugstores. For more information and how-to videos, visit. imPRESSmanicure.com. .


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    Delia D.

    10 influensters found this helpful

    I really wanted to like these since I love that they come in different colors and designs but I just never could get them to stay as long as the package states and they only stayed on for 3 days. I also found them not to fit my fingers properly they wouldn't stick that good. I would recommend these only when you are short on time and can't get your nails done

    Samantha V.

    8 influensters found this helpful

    I really love these nails! I received the pattern "Over the Moon" in my VoxBox and it's beautiful.The nails were really easy to put on and they stayed on for six days, until I decided to take them off. It was really easy to take them off and they didn't damage my nails at all. The only complaint I have with the nails is they're made a little small. My hands are not very large and the thumbnail barely fit me.

    Ansley G.

    6 influensters found this helpful

    I’m not going to lie– I’ve got really, really nice nails. I’ve never had a manicure in my life, because I don’t need to.
    I’m a nail polish freak, to my husbands distain. I’ve got just about every shade of black, dark red and grey there is. Every time I go to the drugstore, I leave with another one. I can’t help it. Some people are alcoholics. I’m addicted to nail polish.
    The last time I went to Walgreens, I was– of course– taking a quick peek at the nail lacquer selection, hoping, but not hopeful, for something new.
    And I saw this.
    Oh my god. I had no idea what it was (polish strips?) but I had to have it. Not only was the packaging darling, but it was HALLOWEEN themed! Adorable spiders and webs– I couldn’t resist. The price tag was pretty steep– $7.99 for a box. I’d just have to hide the receipt from my husband.
    I took them home and immediately ripped them open. I was disappointed to find out that they weren’t polish strips but actual false nails. Boo!
    False nails really gross me out for some reason. They’re just icky to me. But I bought them… and they were beautiful, so I had to try. Plus, they were very thin plastic so it didn’t seem like your standard issue press-ons.
    Application was super, super simple. Each nail had a plastic backing that you’d peel off by a tab. You wiped down your nail with the included pad, peel and stick. That’s it. I have really long nails, so I did have to cut them short to not show from underneath.
    They fit my nails really, really well and the moment they were on, they were ON. I loved how they looked. Sooooo pretty. The packaging said they last a week, so I took to the internet to read reviews and see how true that statement was.
    Most people claim that theirs fell off after a couple of days. I’ve been wearing these for a week now and they are stuck on fast with no signs of failing. The instructions DID say to avoid getting your hands wet for a half an hour after application, and I did– maybe that has something to do with it.

    Jessica M.

    6 influensters found this helpful

    These nails are simple to put on and they last a decent amount of time unless you use your hands to do you hair a lot or dishes, etc.
    I still love them and would use them for special occasions.

    Lianna N.

    5 influensters found this helpful

    I received this product FREE from Influenster Voxbox. I got 2 kinds, one of them was the Short style in a solid hot pink and the other one was Fast and Easy style with a lace design in champagne pink and black. I tried on the hot pink ones and they were really easy and simply to use! I don't usually wear fake nails -- or even paint mine but I though it would be fun. They're super cute you can hardly feel them there and SUPER easy to type this review with, not uncomfortable at all. I'm not sure If i will buy these myself again as I don't normally wear them, but if I need any fake nails I will stick with this brand 100%

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    Tahira A.
    Tahira A.

    are these any good? or do they flip off

    2 answersJun 28 - 2015 - 5:37 a.m.
    Meghan M.
    Meghan M.

    When using these do they look real? Or is it painfully obvious that they're fake?

    11 answersApr 08 - 2015 - 6:15 p.m.
    Breanna C.
    Breanna C.

    What is your favorite color nail?

    5 answersApr 08 - 2015 - 1:09 p.m.
    Dana R.
    Dana R.

    I'm iffy in this because they are press on. Do they stay on?

    4 answersDec 21 - 2014 - 12:15 p.m.
    Emily K.
    Emily K.

    My nails are pretty weak, they chip and peel quite a bit. Does the press on manicure lasts long on weak nails?

    1 answerDec 02 - 2014 - 1:29 p.m.
    Dana D.
    Dana D.

    i got a sample of these but have been hesitating to use them because im afraid they will ruin my nails? do they do any damage ?

    2 answersJul 28 - 2014 - 7:38 a.m.
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