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Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Premium...
12 Reviews
I have never been a huge water drinker. When I started donating blood I needed to be hydrated so I got this water from Costco and it’s the only water I can enjoy drinking. Top notch water. My family knows to get me this water so I can keep being hydrated. I recommend Kirkland water to my family members. I drink this in the mornings, with meals, and before I go to bed. Kirkland got me staying hydrated.
These are good for a big family. Price is right i haven't brought in some years the kids are not really a fan of this brand of water.
It is a good option for children since it is an 8 oz portion, both for snacks or at home, the packaging is practical and easy to take anywhere since you can take what you need and save product if you wish.
Grabbing a couple cases is always on my Costco list. Kirkland Bottled Water is good quality and very cheap when it comes a big packs at Costco. It's good to take on trips when you need to have water.
Costco has a great deal on their Kirkland signature purified water it is a great water. Zero taste just like water is supposed to be. I would definitely recommend.
I can’t seem to get enough of this water. It’s so good. I’ll never change it. And i love the smaller bottles packaging as well.
It tastes different than the other water bottle. I like this brand better and it's affordable 💯💯💯 I have a case in my car so all I have to get is a glass of ice when am on the road. 👌👌👌
Great water to buy at an affordable price. I would alway see people with this brand of water and was always told it was great. Then when I finally went to get a Costco and bought the water and its really was great. I haven't bought any other water since then.
Perfect size especially when you do not want to waste any water at your events. This is very refreshing even though I hate plastic waste.
It’s cheap and you buy in bulk, tastes like water (but the nice kinda water) living in London for uni where they have hard water this was an absolute essential for me, it’s much softer, always keep a bottle with me