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Kirkland Signature American Vodka
Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature American Vodka


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5 / 5
My favorite vodka!! This vodka not only is super smooth but also tastes great. It also is super affordable and great quality. Only thing I would improve for this product is make the bottle a tad shorter but that also adds to the fun.
5 / 5
100/10. My favorite vodka ever. I think kirkland is better then Tito’s. Goes down smooth and i love mixing it with water, lemon, and lime. Not to mention the price and quantity!
4 / 5
Titos will always hold supreme in my heart. That being said, the price of the Kirkland bottle justifies me buying it. I can get double the alcohol for the same price going with the kirkland over titos. Once you mix it in a drink, you can hardly tell the difference anyways!


3 Questions
Has anyone tried this, how does it compare to the other Kirkland for $12?
What is your favorite thing to mix this with?
Is this a smooth vodka similar to Smirnoff or a higher shelf vodka?
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