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Kindle Touch
Kindle Touch
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  • "I did have to purchase the case with the light that takes power from the battery but the battery life is so much better than an iPad or iPhone so that's okay." in 25 reviews
  • "I thought that I wouldn't like reading on screen, but the pages do not stress my eyes in the same way that back-lit devices do, and I love having so many books at my fingertips. " in 23 reviews
  • "Downfall of the Kindle: is that if you do not watch what is being done on there, something could be bought because there really isn't a security on it and where it has to be linked to Amazon, makes it very easy to purchase things." in 20 reviews
  • "First, I don't have a lot to spend on books, so Amazon's free books and my library's ebook lending program save me a ton of money." in 19 reviews
  • "I go for chemo for Crohn's Disease and it is much easier to hold the lightweight Kindle Touch when sitting in the chair hooked up to an intravenous line." in 18 reviews
Marissa L.
31 reviews
I've had the same kindle touch for about 6 years now and it's still amazing. It was a christmas gift, but it's definitely gotten it's money's worth in use. I use it ALL THE TIME. I enjoy reading at the lake on the dock, at the beach, etc. so being able to read in sunlight was essential. This kindle has met and exceeded all expectations! And the fact that I can 'rent' library books on it for free makes it even better!
Sam G.
Lanham, MD
9 reviews
The kindle touch is a great e-reader for those on a budget. it gives you full access to amazons amazing library of ebooks, and can be found used for less than $30. the screen is easy to read, and the battery lasts for a long time between charges. With its e-ink screen it is easy to read inside and out, and has 4 gb of memory to hold hundreds of books so you can always have something to read.
Miranda V.
2238 reviews
Techie Expert Level 3
I really really really love my e-reader! I love books but they take up a lot of space in my little apartment so this is great to keep all my books in one small place on my tablet and I love how long it stays charged and the display is great on it!
Misha A.
Seaside, OR
370 reviews
Techie Expert Level 2
So honestly I kind of hate Kindle right now . Any of them. So when you buy or sign up for Kindle and every time you buy a Kindle book you agree to amazon /kindled terms well buried in those terms and conditions they can delete your books at anytime with no explanation or refund. Because while you "bought " the book you don't "own " the book. All I know is reading them in paper for is better anyway.
Erin F.
66 reviews
I use this product every day. I can read on it, access pdf's and other documents for school and work, access the internet, use it as a planner or notepad, play games on it when I want to waste some time... pretty much it's amazing. There are a few annoying things about it that I'll address, but they don't make me love my kindle any less. I don't like that most of the covers sold are like hard covers rather than soft sleeves. I don't want my kindle to have the heft of a book or to open like a book. I like it because I can read in bed without switching my hand holding every page. I don't like that there's no in-browser document reader. To read a pdf or other document you can't download it online through the kindle, you have to open it on a separate computer and then transfer by wire. I've tried sending these files by whispernet (there's an email address provided for you to email files to your kindle) but it doesn't work. Kindle book prices make me question copyright law. It makes me really sad that nothing has gone into the public domain recently. There is also talk that items can be taken from public domain. I wish there were more lending capabilities. My local library is wonderful with this, but I know that when I move after college I might have some issues. The store on the kindle is sometimes difficult to navigate. I wish that they would give all the sorting capabilities on the kindle that they do online. Especially sort by price. It front loads with new books and doesn't give any recommendations based on what I've purchased before unless I go on a computer.

They're also getting rid of the touch. The new kindle models don't include one. I think that's a huge mistake. When I got my kindle I specifically wanted this exact model. Touch with Wi-Fi (no 3G because that requires a data plan). The touch capabilities are awesome. It's actually touch sensitive, which means you can use more than just your fingers on it. I commonly use a pencil eraser as a stylus. It also makes it easy to poke a link with a fingernail when you're too lazy to zoom in and you don't want to fat-finger it and risk having to load another page.

So, in summary. I love my kindle touch. There are certainly some improvements that could be made, but I don't think that should deter you from buying an ereader. Just shop smart and buy with your opinions at the forefront of your mind.
Jc Z.
Victorville, CA
20 reviews
Firstly, I name everything I own, so let me start off by saying my Kindle's name is Pepper. Pepper is a lovely little gadget. I wasn't sure if I wanted the adfree version, or the ad one, I wet ahead and got the one with adverts, and I found that I honestly DO NOT mind them.

First Impression: after weeks of comparing this ereader to one other ereader in particular, I decided to go for this one, which is definitely the sexier product in terms of aesthetics. the fact that there are no physical buttons except the home button was pretty attractive to someone like myself, who loves simplicity (I'm the person who tears off that wrapping from water bottles and such). I also had no idea the product would be so light!

Now: I still love my Kindle with ads, to be honest. I'm not nitpicky about seeing an advert because I have a case for my Kindle anyway, and as soon as I unlock it, the ad goes away! Like magic! You can also edit your homepage settings to remove the book recommendations at the bottom of your screen.

The light feature is great, although not as butter smooth as I though, but overall it DOES light my entire screen fairly evenly, so what more can a girl ask for? I tend to have my lighting between 3-5 because I use my Kindle for night reading. I've yet to see any glitches or ghosting on my screen, and I've had it for about four months now, so I hope I don't see any for a while. The response to touch can be a bit insensitive (meaning I have to make a significant SWIPE, not a feathery glide to flip a page) but not so drastic that it bugs me.

The experimental browser is...well it's an experimental browser. It's not up to par with a tablet or smartphone, but if I am ever in need of internet and my phone, laptop, or desktop aren't within reach, I know I'll have somewhere I can do a little web-sploring.

I love that the Kindle is so light, because with my case, it's still pretty light! And that's all I have to say about that.

I do wish it had a page/page feature, but the percentage works just fine, as well as the time remaining feature.

The battery life on this puppy is grand, as opposed to 30 minutes a day, I use my kindle for about an hour to an hour and a half every few days, but the battery is still great! Of course, as a reminder, I do keep the lighting settings quite low, and restrict use to night time only (the only quiet time around my pad, yo).
Marisol R.
Monterey Park, CA
7 reviews
I bought my kindle touch last year and it's honestly the best purchase I've made in a long time. Being an Amazon Prime member has its advantages and so i was able to get this for a lower price. At the time i think i got it for $99 instead of the usual $150.

There was a lot of things i took into consideration when i settled on this e-reader vs another e-reader or an iPad.

The most popular and perhaps most beneficial part is the e-ink display. For those who are familiar with iPads, reading outside is never ideal. I found myself struggling to read my friends iPad outdoors and so i figured an LED screen was probably not the most ideal choice for me since all i wanted was a device to read with. Had i needed a device to watch videos in and download apps into, i probably would have gone with the iPad or at least a Kindle Fire.

That brings me to my next point. I think naming the kindle fire that way is a bit confusing, as we tend to associate the Kindle brand to e-readers, whereas the Kindle fire is more of a tablet than and e-reader.

The Kindle Touch comes with WiFi capabilities which makes it incredibly easy to download books. You no longer have to connect your kindle to your computer to download the book directly to the e-reader. Instead your books are instantly downloaded wirelessly though your WiFi connection. This proved to be incredibly useful and convenient when traveling. I often take the Amtrak and being able to connect to their WiFi makes downloading a new book (when necessary) extremely easy. Often times hotels provide WiFi which makes traveling with a computer unnecessary.

This Kindle has a 6" screen with touch screen capabilities. You can easily change the text size on your screen. By removing the keyboard from their previous model allowed them to add a touch keyboard that you can easily access though your home screen. This in turn made it so that the Kindle can be smaller and more efficient.

As far as the keyboard goes it really depends on your preference. I really didn't mind the keyboard on the actual e-reader, but some people might prefer the actual keyboard over a touch screen keyboard. The drawback to the touch screen keyboard is the response time is a bit slow but for the amount of time you actually use it, it's really not a huge issue in my opinion.

The battery life is great. A single charge will last you days!!! Keep in mind this e-reader is supposed to read like paper so you're not going to get a lighted up screen or background which is part of the reason the battery will last you so long. However this means reading at night is impossible without the aid of a lamp or some sort of accessory which must be purchased separately. In some cases you can find a case that comes with an attached light for easy night reading which is what i opted for.

Amazon offers an additional $20 off in order to reserve the right to send adds to your kindle. Now before you freak out keep in mind the only time the adds are actually visible is when your kindle is turned off or when browsing the kindle store. You NEVER have adds popping up anywhere on the screen to distract you while you read. Considering you're probably not sitting there looking at your kindle while it's off and the fact that you probably wont spend hours on the kindle store (and even if you do) i think the adds are a good trade off for the additional savings. I have heard that you can hack your kindle to remove these adds but i am neither tech savy enough to figure it out, nor am i that hung up on the adds enough to try it.

This kindle is extremely light weight and compact which is great for travel. I find i can carry it in my purse at all times for some great reading on my spare time.
Aubrey W.
Franklin, TN
5 reviews
I have had a Kindle since its 2nd Generation model in 2009. Its original model was one of Oprah's favorite things, and even in this world of smartphones and tablets, it is still one of MY favorite things.

I've had my eye on a new Kindle for a while, because I could see the improvements in it... clearer e-ink, larger screen, smaller/thinner body, faster page turns, better interface. But my Kindle 2 was still kicking and I couldn't justify the purchase.

A lot of people have been talking about the Kindle Fire, Amazon's new tablet. But I just don't consider it to be a true 'Kindle' e-book reader. It's a tablet, it's backlit, and you can watch movies on it. I love my quiet Kindle, how it rarely needs charging, how it lets me read books without bells and whistles. I don't get eye strain because it's not a glaring screen; it mimics a page. I don't read books on my laptop or iPhone. I love my Kindle.

Back in 2009, I paid almost $300 for my first e-reader, but it paid for itself in savings on the books I bought through Amazon. It made me a convert, even as a former library employee and lover of old, smelly books. But now you can get a Kindle for under $100. Brilliant.

So I bought the Kindle Touch for $99, and I love it. Its size is awesome, and I can toss it into a purse easily. It took me a little while to pick up how to navigate the touchscreen, but it is sensitive enough to work well, and I notice the improved speed. I have already read three books on it in 48 hours; it inspires me to read more, like my first Kindle did! It's be latest gadget and beloved toy. Even if I get an iPad, I'll still read on my Kindle. It's light, soft, and not flashy. And I like it that way.

My old Kindle is still on my account, so I gave it to my Mom so she could read all of my books. I'm passing on the love for Kindle to another. It will continue to be loved!

P.S. My ONE gripe about the new Kindle Touch? It only comes with a USB charger, without the additional clip-on charger for an outlet. BOO. You'd have to pay an additional $10 for the power adapter. Come on, Amazon.
Meg F.
Brooklyn, NY
89 reviews
I feel guilty for giving this product a 3-star review because despite all its drawbacks, I still loved my KT 3G so dearly and used it more than any other device I have, and I have quite a few of them. The first two years with the device was great. All I wanted was a device that would hold all my books, articles, and documents, and it just that. And then two months after my warranty ended the device started getting buggy. The battery life got shorter and shorter to the point that I had to charge it every two days. Books would randomly "freeze"--they'd get stuck at certain points and I wouldn't be able to read past that point. Books would randomly disappear. Not many, but every so often there'd be an item missing from a collection that I did not delete. No amount of resetting/repowering the device helped. I had to hold down the power button extremely hard just to get it on. And the casing of the device--the silver part--became absolutely ugly. It became dull and tarnished. There are splotches of dark grey all over as if I'd purposefully scratched off the finish/paint. And I had it in a case and everything! It lasted 2 years before it started breaking down. I put up with it for another year until it had its final breakdown--it couldn't be turned on without plugging it to a PC and couldn't be turned off unless I left it alone so it could automatically turn off. It was a great device to start with, but I had hoped that it would last longer than 2 measly years. I have a Kindle Paperwhite now (proof that I was satisfied with the device the first 2 years--otherwise I would have purchased another reader), which I absolute adore, and I'm hoping that this one will last longer than the other.
Samantha S.
Grand Rapids, MI
15 reviews
Techie Expert Level 1
I've been a firm believer in real books are better than tablets my whole life. Having said that, I just got the kindle as a gift and I love it so far. It's nice to be able to easily take it where ever I go. Wish it was a little more solid, but I'll get a hard case to keep it in and that will help. Hard to navigate at first, but getting the hang of it. Would recommend.
Kathy C.
Las Vegas, NV
10 reviews
Is it worth the price?
Michelle L.
Pittsburgh, PA
100 reviews
Does it hurt your eyes?
Jackie H.
Ignacio, CO
7 reviews
I so want a Kindle. Which version should I get?
Jackie O.
Van Nuys, CA
197 reviews
Who loves the kindle ?
Crystal C.
New York, NY
63 reviews
Are you guys aware of It's awesome and you can "rent" books from other users for free!

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