Hey, I’m looking for my first kindle but I’m not sure which one is good. I don’t want anything too fancy or complicated, just a good product that let me read and download lots of books?
Staten Island, NY - il y a 2 ans

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In my opinion, Paperwhite is the best for reading only. Comparing to Kindle Fire, it hold battery for much longer and it does not have any glare or overheating problems when trying to read in the sun. However, if you want a product for reading and surfing the Internet, Kindle Fire works better. I’ve owned both products and I now stick with Paperwhite for all my reading. So you have to make your choice depending what your primary purpose of owning Kindle is. Hope that helps!
il y a un an
I love the kindle paperwhite for books only... all I do is download books on it and read... I have other kindles for apps and playing games but I love my paperwhite to read books on
il y a 2 ans
the newest kindle, is great. it is larger, not fancy or complicated.
il y a 2 ans