Kiko Milano

KIKO Milano Mat Mousse Oil Free Foundation 30ml N160 Ships N 24h

4.16 / 5
4.16 / 5 star rating
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32 reviews


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4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
Facile à appliquer, et couvrant. Je l'applique au pinceau et complète avec une poudre matifiante. La marque Kiko bénéficie d'un large panel de teinte.
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation. Definitely full coverage and a really unique consistency. Fluffy on the face and feels thick originally but smooths out. Really blendable. A little goes a long way because if you put too much, the product separates if you layer on top of it with cream products. Doesn’t last as long as I would want it to, either.
1.00 / 5 star rating
1 / 5
This fondation is so full covrage its not for every days look bc it is not easy to work with if you wanna use it every day you have to mixe it with some bb cream or lite covrage fondation.