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These were super useful when I was anxious about not having enough time to pump at work. One for each breast is a little wasteful though when used with a pump, since I didn’t fill one bag with one breast only. The holder was also convenient for other brands of bags and kept the milk to freeze flat for easy organizing in the freezer.
I loved the product both content and packaging. Quality vs prices goes hand in hand. Super recommended to buy it. You will love it
Best storage bags in the market!!! It is so helpful that the bags are designed to stand up. And the twist off caps make for a mess free pour. I have never had one bad bag with these. 100% recommend
Have moms using this storage system found them helpful? Can you fit more than one pouch in a slot? Expecting in August, trying to plan and prepare.
Is it possible to fit two breast milk pouches in one slot to be able to hold more?
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