Can these be reusable? If so, how do you wash them to reuse them again?
il y a 5 ans

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They say not to (even though many people do) due to the fact that no matter how good you clean it, it will not be sterilized enough. You are not supposed to wash them anyways, just recycle. They are for single use only for sanitary reasons. It will let you know as well on their website. I personally wouldn’t re use them.
il y a 2 ans
I have read lots of people reusing them. I have only a couple of times. When I pump directly into the bags, I write the date and measured amount (using a food scale). So personally, I don’t reuse them. I would just wash them with a bottle brush and soap. You can fit the standard bottle brush inside.
il y a 3 ans
You're not supposed to reuse them. Im sure some people do. The opening is wide enough, you could get a bottle brush in there. I've never done it. Was afraid of contamination.
il y a 5 ans