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Kicho Sheep Oil Cream

Kicho Sheep Oil Cream


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This cream is like thick, luxurious butter! It melts into the skin without any unpleasant residue & keeps my skin moisturized & nourished all day/night!
I do find this incredibly rich and moisturizing. I love to use this for day and night as the final step of my skincare. It smells great and fruity and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. The only problem I have is that I believe it causes my skin to break out every single time I use it. Like I always form closed comedones on my chin that are pesky to remove. So unfortunately, I can't really use this product but that's just a personal gripe.
I love it! It is way too creamy, silky and rich. And gosh, it smells so good! This one is a bomb! It is a cream in texture, but once you apply it on your face, it will melt and will easily absorb by the skin. It is very light on the face. It is very rich but when you put it on, it’s like nothing heavy on it. I like how they formulated this cream cause the fact that it came from the sheep’s oil, it’s actually grease-free! Leaves your skin so smooth! Especially, when you apply it at night, the next morning it will gives you a brightening effect which I really like cause I do have a dry skin, so I usually have some break outs but with this cream, No doubts. I’m inlove! I guess the main downside of this luxe cream is just the price itself which is normal for those products which contains lanolin but it will go a long way. @Influenster #contest #influensterawards
Please send me this to try
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Does anyone use Kicho Sheep Oil Cream? I'll have mine on sunday to try it and write a review after! I'm so excited!!!!!!
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Where can this item be purchased? Do they have a website?
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