I am a flavored coffee drinker for sure, because of this K cups (and the variety they add into my life) are my new favorite thing. I spotted this one and was wondering if there are strong notes of the sugar crumble donut in the coffee or if you guys are still adding sweeter or creamer to it?
Windber , PA - il y a 6 ans

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I like the sugar crumble flavored coffee but I think it could be stronger. I do add creamer.
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I really do like the flavors of this brand but personally, I still like to add at least some creamer or at least milk into it. If you don’t like a ton of sweetness in your coffee but like to lighten it up, I sometimes add some vanilla almond milk which really hits the spot! It’s not overly sweet and doesn’t alter the flavor of the coffee, but is just complementary enough :)
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I always add creamer with my coffee. but not as much with this because there is a good taste to it already. I just prefer my coffee creamier
il y a 6 ans