I absolutely love this product. I bought every last one at my grocery stores in my area. I probably ended up in all with about 30 or more boxes. My question is why are they no longer available? I looked all over this holiday season and couldn’t find them. I very disappointed as I looked forward too being able to drink this amazing coffee. I drink coffee all day long. I would have a about 5 cup of it a day. I also told everyone in the house too leave it alone. I was not sharing.
laurel - il y a 2 ans

2 answers

I got a box of 24 from Amazon for $11. Still available!
il y a 11 jours
It’s only available during the holidays, usually oct-dec. so I stock all the way up!! I buy at the stores and online. Bed bath and beyond is a good one to check, target and Kroger in store too
il y a un an