Does this product actually work and can you use any size cup? And do you have to manually stop the machine from pouring the coffee or does it automatically do that?
La Habra, CA - 16 days ago

2 answers

You can use three different size cups, I believe it’s around 6oz, 8 Oz and 12 Oz I will say for a large mug you usually need to use two K cups for a stronger brew and to fill it all the way. I usually use one on the small cup setting and then one on the medium setting for a large travel mug. For a regular small cup its perfect. It has an automatic shut off but if you pick the wrong size cup for the cup you are using it can possibly overflow.
16 days ago
This company has been around a while now and the products work very well. There are preset cup sizes that you choose, it automatically knows when to cut off. It doesn’t run over the cup or spill out. Very easy to clean and the machine works for years before you need to replace it.
16 days ago