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Keurig 2.0 K400 Coffee Maker Brewing System with Carafe

Keurig 2.0 K400 Coffee Maker Brewing System with Carafe

4.5 out of 5 stars
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#4 in Coffeemakers
Say hello to the keurig 2.0 k400 brewing system the first keurig system that allows you to brew a piping hot 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve cup -- all at the touch of a button. It's so smart. So simple! So different than an average coffee maker. The keurig 2.0 k400 brewer also features revolutionary keurig 2.0 brewing technology, designed to read the lid of each k-cup or k-carafe pack to brew the perfect beverage every time.
Keurig 2.0 K400 Coffee Maker Brewing System with Carafe
Keurig 2.0 K400 Coffee Maker Brewing System with Carafe
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Jake M.
Jake M.
New Orleans, LA
4 reviews
Keurig makes a good brewer, and of course, they invented the K-Cup, the first single-serve, self-contained coffee pod.

But success has apparently twisted their perception of appreciation and humility. Keurig thinks that their customers need to be protected from the evils of using any coffee, tea or hot cocoa for which the maker did not pay licensing fees for the privilege of compatibility. To restrict the use of equipment owned by their customers, they have added slick spyware to peek on their customers after they buy a machine!

Imagine a car that tests each tank of gasoline--not for quality or compatibility, but for legal compliance with a licensing authority. Or how about a Samsung TV that blocks any program that fails to include a broadcast license from Samsung? That's what Keurig has done. But it is *HOW* they do it that is really troubling...

Keurig has placed a spy camera INSIDE the brewer (no kidding!). Using DRM technology (Digital Rights Management), it analyzes special inks on the K-Cups & Vue pods to prevent owners from using their coffee of choice, unlicensed pods, and even Keurig's own K-Cups (They are still within expiration!) In fact, you can no longer use the My-K-cup adapter that Keurig continues to sell for owners of their legacy brewers. This is an astonishing marketing blunder. Was anyone over 25 was in the room when CEO Brian Kelley decided to add a spy camera into a coffee maker?! Somehow, he missed the lesson of DRM with iTunes, Sony, and DVDs. It shows profound contempt for the customer, rather than respect and appreciation...

When I inserted my Green Mountain K-Cups into this brewer, a tiny TV screen informed me: "Oops! That coffee isn't compatible with our incredibly high standards! We want you to enjoy the very best experience possible. Besides, you probably wouldn't enjoy the flavor of coffee from any vendor that refuses to pay us for the privilege of compatibility."

Seriously! It says something just like that. At least, to anyone who can read between the lines. To view the actual message, and my further comments, check out the full review in the Blog below. (search for Keurig).

Green Mountain Coffee has a limited time to recover from the Keurig 2.0 fiasco. Here, then, is my humble marketing advice:

1. Change the heartless restriction into an on-screen sales pitch. Be a good guy!
2. Accept all the existing K-Cups that your consumers already own. I have dozens.
3. Offer an adapter that allows owners of your new brewers the same privilege of occasionally scooping in the grounds of their favorite store-bought coffee.

And for G-d's sake, Keurig, stop spying on your customers! With a downward-facing camera mounted 10 inches above my kitchen counter, I wonder if your next software update will my midnight snack attack or activate a microphone. Please Keurig: Get off our backs and respect your customers!

Amazon limits the length of these reviews. I expand on this analysis and review on my Blog. I also imagine a hypothetical letter from Green Mountain CEO to his shareholders. It could give smile. If only it were a joke.
Diane K.
Diane K.
99 reviews
I love my Keurig! This can brew a whole pot of coffee with special K-Cups if you wish, or just 1 at a time. It's great when you have people over, but for every day use as well. There are 4 size settings from 4oz to 10oz, and you can enter the strength you want as well! It also just does hot water if you wish! The only downside was that mine was the first time they started regulating the type of pods you could use, they HAVE to be Keurig brand! Which is annoying....BUT I found 2 ways around this issue. You can either 1. take a Keurig brand kcup and cut the little white rim off of the top after you have used it, then tape this to each kcup you put into your brewer to override the system. OR 2. you can tape a little orange sticker over the sensor inside your system, I got my sensor cover from Freedom Clips FOR FREE!!! You can also get them on Amazon though for cheap. BUT side note, I did hear that the new 2.0 systems don't have this sensor anymore. So do your research, overall I love my system, the water reservoir is great, you have to fill it so infrequently, and it makes us all happy!! But boyfriend grinds his own coffee and puts it in a reusable kcup and it comes out perfectly!
Fozil C.
Fozil C.
Maryville, TN
19 reviews
This review is for everyone that wants to brew there own coffees, or teas in the new Keurig 2.0 machine. I was frustrated like everyone else with the Keurig 2.0's requirement to use there proprietary single use disposable cups.

BUT! I discovered the solution to using your own loose coffee of Your Choice without doing anything special to trick the machine.
I found the "Perfect Pod EZ- CUP 2.0 which works beautifully with my Kurig 2.0. These cups use a disposable thin filter which slips inside the reusable plastic cups. I found this product at Bed, Bath & Beyond for 14.99, comes with 25 filters. The disposable filters are 4.99 for a 100. I have been using these for a week now, and have had about 30 cups of MY coffee with joy, and no problem with the 2.0. Very clean to use these. When your done brewing your cup, just pull out the disposable filter and throw it out. It's ready to load the next filter, and your next scoop of coffee for your next cup.
There are other cups that say they fit in the 2.0, but they don't work. This one works! Works for K cups & 2.0 Brewers!
Natty D.
Natty D.
Houston, TX
22 reviews
I purchased the 2.0 after my Keurig Vue stopped working. I loved the vue but they no longer made it because of the 2.0. It doesn't have as many options when it comes to the single serve cups, which is disappointing. I can't use all the other options unless i have the appropriate cup with special color codes on top, so I can't really say if I like them or not. It has a ton of options when it comes to the carafe but I rarely use it because of the special cups required and I only need single servings most days. For the single serve cups, I keep the top to one of the required Keurig brand cups and just slap it on top of a cup that is not their brand! I outsmarted the machine LOL!! Overall it's ok, I wish I had the size options available like on the Vue but if I were to buy another, I wouldn't bother with the carafe. Someone making multiple cups for others may like it, but that kind of misses the point of the keurig personalized cup IMO...for the cost, I'd just get a regular coffee pot.
Miranda s.
Miranda s.
Tacoma, WA
29 reviews
I purchased this only 2 days ago after owning an icup brewing system for 72 days before the waiter pumping system crapped out. HUGE DIFFERENCE. I ended up only paying $2 for this system because right now when you buy any 400 model or higher at best buy you get a $30 gift card, and with the return of my old machine the difference was only $2! But if I could I would have picked this one from the start! there are so many cool features about it. you can set multiple times on it for when you want it to turn on and off so you don't have to wait for it to heat up, you can change the color scheme of the light on the water tank, set favorites in the system for your most used brews. the list goes on and on. It literally reads the labels of your K-Cups to brew at ours optimal settings for the best cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, whatever! the best part about it is you can even bit larger sized cups to brew full POTS, YES FULL POTS of coffee! I am absolutely in love with this machine!
John C.
John C.
Miami, FL
5 reviews
I have owned the Keurig K400 for about 6 months now and it definitely has its pros and cons. I like that it heats the water quite fast once you turn it on (less than 30 seconds). I also like the LCD display on the front which lets you change how many ounces you want and if you want it strong or not. However there are also some cons to this machine. I have owned two of these already and both of them seem to get clogged some how. They come with an error about the needle being clogged and it will not dispense coffee after that. There is also another thing that is terrible on this machine. Not all K-cups will work in it. Only the newer 2.0 ones seem to work. I ordered a variety pack online a while ago and NONE of the cups from that pack work in this machine. However, if you peel the lid off of a newer cup and stick on the older ones it will work but this obviously a lot of work for a cup of coffee.... This is why I gave it 3 stars. Enjoy!
April J.
April J.
13 reviews
I absolutely LOVE my Keurig 2.0 K400! It's so convenient and I have multiple styles of coffee in a pull out tray under it so the best part about it is choosing what I'd like to drink each morning. I also have hot chocolate and teas and every cup comes out steaming hot and perfect. I'm not a person that drinks a lot of coffee a day and no one else in my house drinks it so being able to make a cup at a time is perfect for me. It will also dispense hot water if you just need that. Also contrary to what it says you can use other brands of coffee pods in it besides Keurig, it's a very simple fix that doesn't require stickers or using other lids etc. Additionally the customer service is amazing. My original brand new Keurig was acting oddly and they sent me a brand new replacement instantly! Overnight shipping! So a great machine and unbelievable customer service (you must register your Keurig for that service) cannot be beat!!
Boynton Beach, FL
58 reviews
For the most part I love the Keurig 2.0 ! I love the fact that you can dispense hot water right from the brewer. If you like a stronger cup of coffee there is a option to press right on the display panel for that.

Love the Carafe option. This is great when you have company over and need a larger amount of coffee at a time. You do need to use the bigger carafe k cups with this option.

The only negative on this brewer is that you have to purchase K cups that are approved from Keurig (which there are plenty). The foil on the K cups themselves have some sort of code on them that the brewer reads. If you use a non approved K cup the machine will not brew your coffee/tea. I can understand why Keurig did this but it did aggravate me until I found a way to bypass this. I'm not suggesting in anyway you do this but I'm telling you my own experience with it.

Overall it's a great machine and makes an awesome cup of coffee.
Ashley V.
Ashley V.
Marana, AZ
41 reviews
Honestly I was super excited to get a Keurig when my husband bought it for me for Christmas. I've had it for a little over a year and am not as impressed as I'd thought. I feel like they are pretty wasteful. Sure the convenience of making a quick cup of coffee when I wake up like a zombie is great, but really it's not that much more difficult to just prepare a good old fashioned coffee maker the night before. It's annoying that you can't use re-usable cups with this machine unless you "rig" it. I did find a recyclable pod at Costco that is priced reasonably, better for the environment and not bad tasting. Making just a cup of hot water is crap, you have to hold down the button to dispense a small amount of hot water, unless of course I just haven't figured out the proper trick to get a full 10 oz. All in all it's convenient but totally not worth the amount of money the machine and all the dang k-cups cost.
Jenna Q.
Jenna Q.
Merchantville, NJ
84 reviews
I absolutely love my Keurig. I've had it for almost two years (thanks Influenster! ๐Ÿ˜‰), and it's never failed me.
I'm not the world's biggest coffee drinker, but luckily my boyfriend is. Also luckily, there are so many selections of teas and hot chocolates that you can have instead! Something for everyone.
I love that you can brew a nice big carafe if you want to. I also really like that you can just put hot water into a cup. It makes making tea from a bag or leaves super easy! I've even used it to make cup noodles!
The only reason I have a star taken off is because of the DRM protection - limiting the types/brands you can buy unless Keurig approved, and you can't use reusable cups. However, there are ways around this... shh!
Overall, I love it, and it will remain a part of my kitchen for as long as it lasts, which seems to be pretty long considering how it is still running as good as the day I got it!
Claudia C.
Claudia C.
170 reviews
Do I have to buy just the Keurig K cups? Can I use generic brands?
Niha R.
Niha R.
Duluth, GA
19 reviews
How long does it take to figure out how the machine operates? How long before you get the hang of making coffee from the maker every morning?
brittany  h.
brittany h.
horse cave , ky
60 reviews
I have been looking to purchase one of these! is it worth the price?
Michael S.
Michael S.
San jose, Ca
164 reviews
I want one of these! What's your favorite thing about this machine?
Valerie S.
Valerie S.
213 reviews
What are some reasons you prefer this over other coffee makers?

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