Do you think this is better than Olaplex?
San Antonio, TX - il y a un an

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Haven't try Olaplex but I love this one
il y a 2 mois
Agreed with the person above me. My hair is very damaged from constant heat and bleaching and coloring. I also don't use this every time I wash only when my hair really needs it. But Kerastase overall is an amazing brand and worth its pricetag. If you shop at sephora they do offer samples if you want to try certain ones out for yourself!
il y a 4 mois
I think those are different products and needs. But in my personal experience Kerastase is much better that any salon product. I’ve testing to many products over the years. It’s important that you make the test at the web page if you are going to buy the correct product, I mean. This green bottle is for hair reconstructions, is it what your hair needs?
il y a 7 mois