Justin's Classic Almond Butter (454 g)

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I’m not sure why this has such high reviews. Normally I get Once Again almond butter and I love it but my local Walmart doesn’t sell it. So I was going to try a different almond butter but Walmart was out of stock. So they substituted Jordan’s almond butter. It claims to be no stir, it isn’t. It is VERY thick, there would be no way of spreading this on anything. The worst part though is the taste. It tastes like rotten almonds. It has the weirdest most off putting taste. As others have mentioned it is very gritty, it’s almost like you are eating sand. Now I have two jars of this. Blech. I’m happy that my first almond butter experience was Once again. If it would have been Justin’s I would have never attempted to try almond butter again, it’s that bad. My recommendation is to pass on Justin’s almond butter and try Once Again almond butter instead. #JustinsAlmondButter #ketolife #Influenster #voxbox
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
Good almond butter. Prefer the only ingredient to be almonds. Need to stir. East to find a local grocery store. And the label is cute. Kind of expensive
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5 / 5
I enjoy eating almonds and they are a staple item in Indian food. So I wanted to make sure my son doesn’t have a n allergy to them. I purchased Justin’s Almond Butter because to me that’s the original Almond Butter with no other added ingredients. I love that I can easily add to any food item or snack I give to my son. One of the easiest ways I use it is by mixing it in his oatmeal for his breakfast. Not only is he getting exposure but it amps up the protein and fat content of his oatmeal.