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JuiceFestiv, Ultimate Fruit & Veggie Super Food, 60+60 Capsules, Natrol

JuiceFestiv, Ultimate Fruit & Veggie Super Food, 60+60 Capsules, Natrol


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I bought these because with the cost of food rising, especially fresh produce, it’s hard to get a full serving of fruits and vegetables. I have been taking them for about 10 days. I haven’t noticed feeling any better physically. However, they definitely keep you regular. I have also noticed for me personally… they make me nauseous and I belch them up for hours. That isn’t to say that I don’t think they’re a worthwhile product. I have been diagnosed with digestive issues that might be part of the culprit. I will take the remainder of these because I need my fruits and veggies. I am hoping that my tummy settles down though. I found these on Amazon for $18. I definitely think that’s a good price. I would recommend them to others. I’m just not sure if they’re right for me.
These are amazing. They work so well and I will be purchasing again! They don't have the best after taste but its worth it for me.
My nana swears these are what keep her going. It's a great way to get daily fruit and veggies. Now if I could just remember to take them
Do these really work? I don't eat veggies
What do they taste like?
Is this any good? Do you eat with food?
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