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Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments...
5 Reviews
4 / 5
I've actually liked this product, grabbed it at an Ulta just because I needed something. I love the wand, it's my favorite one for brows thus far actually. It went on fine after I realized it was easy to use too much and look wet or greasy or fake (hence the 1 star off). But it keeps my thick brows in place and has helped condition them after one product made me loose some hairs. Over all, my brows look nice and it's quick and easy to use, so I'm definitely happy with it.
3 / 5
This goes on a little too thick for me. Wish there was more control and a smaller brush head.
5 / 5
Ok, for 22$ and the size I was iffy, but a little goes a LONG WAY. I can usually coat both brows with one dip into the product. And it lasts me a while. I got tired of pomades and this is a great alternative, I also usually get acne right in my eyebrow from brow products but this has not done that so far. I love love love this and will be purchasing again!
2 / 5
This product was good to start and the demo in the store is great. The product team out quickly however, and now it's dry and has a bad smell to it. I'm disappointed in this product, especially for the price. Would not recommend or purchase again.
4 / 5
I loved this product when I first got it, and it seemed to color in my brows very well. It didn’t hold the browse in place as well as other gels, but the color payoff was great. However after a couple weeks, the tube seemed almost empty and dry and flaky, So I definitely felt like I did not get my moneys worth.