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Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel...
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5 / 5
Well now I'm the 3rd! I did some research, I don't know exactly what I researched, but for 3-4 different unrelated links, I read why this product was the best. I looked it up on Amazon and the biggest con, THE PRICE! Almost $50 for this little 2 oz jar! I finally got it for Christmas after having it as a wish list item (shout out to my babe Tom! Thank you honey!)! So there are pictures of my daughter and 1 of myself. I know the mild redness I get, it isn't wide spread, my daughter is so beautiful, she has beautiful color to her skin (yes y'all, I tell her that all the time and I'm genuine, I wish I had a tan to me, ), she is mixed/biracial. I trust this product and ingredients, I'm trying to help her self confidence and self esteem more, she went through a period with acne and this is her first time, so the redness is where she got it, and I'm just demonstrating it doesn't burn her skin or mine, it doesn't lighten/bleach it. It was my 2nd time using it and it isn't as red because of it not being my first time. Now on to everything else. It smells really good, 🍎 apples, 🍋 lemons, it smells like something I'd want to eat. You can see the ingredients, something I try to show in my posts as well as the product. You use it twice a week. I don't have the line, I just wanted this. It leaves your skin brighter and exfoliated. Keep away from the eyes of course. You may see some little pimples coming up after you wash the product off, that's normal, it happens to me even if I use non- chemical scrubs. I've even noticed it helps with blackheads/clogged pores, though I don't recommend anyone to extract them, I do because I've witnessed them get bigger. Anyway, this was a great gift and great splurge. It's vegan, cruelty free, and all natural. I recommend this, try them, you'll like this company and product.
5 / 5
I love it's natural organic ingredients and in a glass jar! The product is also vegan and cruelty-free! This peel in the form of a translucent brownish gel which does smell likes apple cider vinegar. I have normal-dry skin. When using this, I felt my face a pretty flash and warming sensation right away but that's supposed to because it contains AHA’s. But I didn’t feel the strong burn people are describing. I washed the peel away with cold water after 10 minutes. My face remained the mildy burning 10 mins and the redness for about 45 mins, which means my skin is making new cells. Then my skin go right back to normal. I definitely noticed smaller pores and an overall brightness to the skin after 1 use. It works so well to remove the dead skin. My skin has never felt so soft and smooth. I felt like I’d had a spa grade exfoliating treatment done. And helps keep the skin refreshed and hydrated when I woke up in the next day. This product is really great for those with dry skin, and wanting a natural home treatment that is works well.
5 / 5
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ AMAZING BRAND the entire Juice Beauty line is amazing age defying series, brightening series, skin clearing series, etc