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This is a new product/ line to me and I am so far enjoying the products! I’ve loved seeing MUAs pictures and how creative and beautiful they work and showcase some of the high pigmented shadows
This lipstick is called "orchid". It's a very vibrant metallic purple color. I didn't know it would be metallic but I don't mind it either. The it girl is a vibrant pink purplish matte lipstick. They are Creamy and don't t dry the lips. They stay for quite some time but they do stain mugs, glasses,It worths it for this price though. It needs a bit of effort to apply it until it warms up a bit.
I have tried expensive lipsticks from Ulta and Sephora, but Jordana is the one I always go back to. It is so inexpensive and it last longer than any other I’ve tried.
I wanna know how pigment it is? Is a long wearing? How easy or not blend in the skin? Jordana Cosmetics
Never tried this brand. what brand is it comparable to?
How is this brand? Is it good? What quality does it have, i have heard good things and bad things. Please be honest.
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