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If you live in Canada and you purchase anything from Joie but decide to return for any reason be prepared to lose you taxes and duties that you paid directly to them. Joie will only refund the purchase amount and keep your taxes and duties. They expect you to take it up with the gov't to get your taxes and duties back. Shop REVOLVE...if you make a return all your money is fully refundable.
One of my favorite Nordstrom brands! They always use luxury fabrics and have beautiful prints & designs
All of their wines are incredible. You show me a weak Joie wine and I'll show you someone who doesn't know anything about wine. 
I've seen adorable Joie shoes and haven't purchased them before because I'm unsure on comfort? That is a huge factor for me when I'm spending a little more on shoes.
Love Joie! Such simplistic designs, my favorite neutral color palettes - browns, blacks, & whites. Three words to describe Joie - Timeless, Comfortable & Classy.
Never heard of this! Is it a clothing store?
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