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Joico K-Pak Conditioner For...
1668 Reviews
Joico’s K-Pak line is amazing. I’ve been using the shampoo & conditioner for over a decade now (off and on cause I love to try new things as well). The K-Pak line has never failed me and I used to fry my hair like it was an egg on a skillet, with bleach. This line has saved my hair many times and kept it in good condition after chemical treatments, etc. This is something I recommend to anyone who says they have damaged hair. It smells really nice too! I’ve grown attached to the scent cause I’ve used Joico K-Pak for so many years now!
Use this conditioner almost two years end and very happy with it. I have long blonde hair and damaged and it works perfect. My hair looks very nice. Also this conditioner is not oily. I recommend this product for damaged and dry hair.
Perfect for textured and treated hair. This always revitalizes my curls and leaves my hair manageable. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts me a good while
It's no wonder that Joico has already been elected as the best hair care brand in the world. ALL of your products are wonderful. In addition to visibly restoring hair from the first use, the line still smells wonderful. The K-pak line has a delicious and smooth banana scent, in addition to rebuilding, strengthening and nourishing the hair. The mask alone is already a miracle. I have bleached hair and only Joico products recover from chemical damage. If you are insecure, you can buy without fear. if you prefer, buy a travel size to do a test because you will be surprised
I love this conditioner. The smell is amazing. It rinses out easily and does not make my hair feel weighed down. Not sure if it has helped with the damage though.
Love this stuff it has helped my hair to get back to feeling and looking healthy again. I noticed a difference just in a few uses I will continue using this product and I highly recommend it to others!
I love Joico’s conditioner so much that even if I change shampoos, I always use the conditioner. I have curly hair that gets so matted when I wash it. When I use this conditioner, it makes it so easy to brush out my hair.
This stuff is really good. I use this sometimes after bleaching my hair and it always makes a difference. Smells like just like gain laundry detergent.
Really hydrated my hair and didn’t impact the colour. a little goes a long way and i could see immediate results in my hair
I can’t say if this works for colored hair or not as I have virgin hair but it worked for my damaged virgin hair at least. This was gifted and i thought i might well used and felt that i could see a difference especially when it came to the dryness . Sorry to say i’m unsure if it will help colored hair.