So I am a brunette I have black hair and I get my greys colored once every 4 to 5 weeks and that is the extent of it. I usually bring this Joico instatint Orchid spray and my hairdresser sprays it in my hair for fun. It has been discontinued so I tried another brand I bought at Sally's beauty and you couldn't even see purple in my hair. Another hairdresser at the salon suggested just putting a couple streaks in front on each side of my hair. I am scared cause she would have to bleach 1st and I have never done anything more than just color my greys and sometimes she had some Red she would add to the bottom that would show up in the sun for the summer and she tried it with purple but it didn't show up. So should I let her bleach some of my hair and just have a few strands on each side of purple. And what is prettier the Amethyst or Orchid? I may just go to ebay and buy the Joico Spray it's instatint in Orchid and shows up pretty good in my hair. Just wish it wasn't discontinued. Just wanted opinions on what to do since I don't have blonde hair and am scared to bleach and don't want to ruin my hair. And will it go back to black if I don't want to do it anymore? And I would have to use a special shampoo and condition right? And I read cold water not hot! Sorry this is so long. My hairdresser just said let her know ahead of time before next coloring appt so she can purchase it.
Louisville - il y a 2 ans

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I bleached my hair so I don’t know how it would react to just regular brown. I’m sure it would still come out really pretty with a purple-eggplant color with the amethyst color. It’s more vibrant. I prefer this color over any of the other purple colors they make. I also had to do it twice to get it a deep violet color. The cold water is a must if you don’t want it to fade fast. But these semi-permanent colors they don’t wash out easily. You would have to cut them or let them grow out and cut them. I died my alarmist 2 years ago and there still a slight tint on the part that’s grown out. If I missed any of your questions just lmk
il y a 2 ans