Joico Color Intensity Eraser (color Remover) 1.5oz.packett

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So my boyfriend at the time wanted me to dye my hair blue. I had white platinum bl.onde hair at the time but thought i would give ita shot. I dyed it a dark beautiful blue but immediately he told me that he didn't it and to change it back! I was devastated because everything that i read said blue was as hard as black to remove (and ive been there done that) D: Then my friend suggested this product! I was so nervous but it worked amazing the first time! It strips all color out of your hair leaving a blank canvas. I re died my hair after and was extremely happy with the results!! I highly recommend this product!
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so much to say about this product! before i start, the two photos on the left is joico before and after faded, and the right is before and after joico freshly applied colour. now im from new zealand where you dont need a cosmo license to purchase this product. i bought this from a salon and did extensive research on how to use this correctly. the first photo was very faded manic panic violet night. my base underneath was a level 10 which was untoned, pale yellow and very healthy integrity wise. i ideally wanted the blue completely out but knew it wasn't possible unless i got very lucky. i bought many semi permanent hair colours for after the remover, as i wanted to have plenty of options to suit whatever outcome i got. i mixed joico colour remover with 20vol as recommended for best results, took fine sections starting from the underneath and applied only to the dyed parts, carefully avoiding my 6+ months of roots. i put a showercap over the processing hair and also put a handtowel over the top to trap in heat at the ends. i waited until it got as light as possible, checking the lift every so often. it rinsed out to be a very light mint green, which looking back i think i could have put pink on top. i ended up mixing half and half, lunar tides orchid purple and manic panic cleo rose. i am very impressed by how it took out all those blue tones and left my base more even than it was before. but i did make sure to go in on the darker blue parts first (the underneath) so it had a longer processing time. the second photo on the first picture is the after, its been washed multiple times and still no blue! im very happy with this product overall, but would recommend using it only if you have healthy hair, mine had only been lightened twice with 20vol. next time i have a tricky blue situation this will definitely be my go to, as you can always mix it with warm water or 10vol if needed. love this product, and thankyou joico for removing those stubborn blue tones!!
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5 / 5
I’ve used this to strip colour and it works great. You just have to be careful because it still will damage the hair and will also lift natural colour.