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John Frieda

John Frieda Miraculous...
167 Reviews
This stuff is great I have used for years as the name has changed it used to be frizz ease secret weapon and I have untameable hair in heat and this stuff is great!!’ I would recommend fair priced as well but it only takes a little and[product:john-frieda-beyond-smooth-frizz-immunity-conditioner] goes along Way!!!
I loved the smell of this product. It really worked with helping hair not be frizzy. It did seem to be a weigh a little heavy with the conditioner. The price is rather cheap compared to other products. John Frieda shampoo I would say is a 5 star
Love it ! For a now and again conditions! Smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling so silky smooth ! I definitely recommend this !!
Love the smell and consistency of this shampoo! Very fresh fragrance and long lasting. Very moisturizing. No improvement needed. My hair is oily and it works great. I would definitely buy it again!
I like John Freida products. They work fairly well, but I just always kind of feel like they should have worked a bit better for me. That's how I feel about this one as well. It helped, but not enough. I have curly hair that's prone to frizz, and this just didn't do enough.
The does the job and does it so good! Also smells amazing while doing it. Got this as a free sample and I love it. I would definitely use it again and recommend it to others. It leaves hair shiny and frizz-free and feeling hydrated
Having dry, curly hair.. living in a hot,dry and at times extreme humidity its hard to find a good product. I tried this a few months ago when it was on special in-store. It is a little expensive but i won't use anything else. My hair is behaving itself, frizz almost completely gone and it has a glossy shine it has never had.. love it!
I love how my hair feels and looks after washing my hair with this shampoo. I can physically tell a difference if I don’t use this.
I love using this shampoo and it really does make your locks silky smooth. Nicely scented.
This is a good product for curly hair.  it’s not curly girl method approved but it is a great product for curly hair.