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John Frieda

John Frieda® Brilliant...
367 Reviews
I love this shampoo! I can't say anything about its protection from color fading, as I don't spend too much time on sun. But I like that it cleans softy and doesn't dry out my hair. Also I see that it gives a slight shine to my hair!
This is a fantastic shampoo for brunettes.. I couldn't believe that it actually seemed to not only hold my color but compliment it.. I would recommend this to any brunette.
Es ist teuer. Es hält leider nicht das was es verspricht. Nämlich, dass die Haare mit jeder Wäsche leicht getönt werden. Aber es ist sehr pflegend und gut verträglich. Daher kann man es verwenden, muss man aber nicht unbedingt. Finde es eher enttäuschend.
you will have dark blond hair i tried this product it suits me very well it kept the natural color in my hair i was very happy with this product now i have bleached my hair and i dont try this product anymore i will recommend it to anyone who has dark hair
This is by far the best pro cut for brunette coloured hair, it keeps my hair looking freshly dyed all the time.
After using it I didn't notice a big improvement on my hair. I wasn't amaized by the results. My hair was soft, but wasn't shiny. Overall it was OK. I won't repurchase it.
Habe den Conditioner zusammen mit dem Shampoo angewendet. Es hat die Haare schön geschmeidig gemacht. Man braucht zusätzlich keine Produkte mehr anzuwenden um die Haare weicher zu machen. Riecht toll.
Products is really good moisture. No dullness and no hair fell . Strength strong hair feel very smooth after one wash . It’s amazing to use means it’s quality really effective .
Dès la première application j'ai vu mes cheveux plus brillants, avec beaucoup de reflet. Ils étaient beaucoup plus beau, plus doux et largement plus facile à coiffer et plus discipliné. J'adore, je le recommande. En plus son odeur est très appréciable.
This conditioner works nicely. Not sure if it adds more color to my hair as the color of the conditioner is fairly light, but it smells good and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable. It was inexpensive as well.