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Jim Beam Honey Bourbon - 50ml Plastic Bottle
Jim Beam

Jim Beam Honey Bourbon - 50ml Plastic Bottle


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Best drink yet after n before work every day I could not ask for a better meal on way to my next bottle now haha let's get there yall here hall
[product:jim-beam-honey-bourbon-50ml-plastic-bottle] is very good and perfect for when you want some sweetness. The honey flavor is very detectable. The only downside is it's so sippable!
So I’m usually a wine drinker. But I have recently come to love a great bourbon over ice. And this right here is the one. I have a new drink and I’m in love. Haha
Can you actually taste the honey, or is it just the typical bourbon taste?
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How does this compare to Honey Jack?
I work on a restaurant and i gave it a try it is super good but on the sweeter side i started to like a lot jim bean just a few months ago and i love loce cocktails with it
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