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Jell-O Chocolate Vanilla...
495 Reviews
2 / 5
I really had some high hopes for this one because I simply love the vanilla chocolate pudding cups. But the sugar-free one was not for me at all. Which is sad but, I'm sure someone else has had better luck with this than I have! Maybe it was just a bad batch or something?
5 / 5
I am a diabetic and I’m always looking for a tasty treats that are sugar-free that I can enjoy when I want to without feeling guilty. This fits my belly perfectly
5 / 5
As a bariatric patient sugar free is very important to me. These taste so good and can be made with protein shakes. The perfect treat when dieting cause its low fat too.
5 / 5
If I'm right each cup is only 60 calories which is amazing! I eat them as dessert when I am trying to lose weight. Jello is the only brand of pudding I will ever eat. Its just the best and I don't trust any other brand to match the taste or quality of jello.
4 / 5
I absolutely love jealous pudding cups. I stay with them in my fridge, their my go to when I am craving something sweet, but don't want to make anything sweet. I always eat them without a spoon.
1 / 5
Not really a fan of this, never really have been. It's not filling, it's not healthy, and it certainly does not satisfy my sweet tooth. Actually, as a matter of fact, it makes my teeth ache. Anyway, it's not worth the cost or the calories.
5 / 5
Definitely one of my go to favorite snacks! Easy to grab and rip open from the fridge when I want a quick bite!
5 / 5
Tasty!!! Yum!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what else to say? It’s pudding? Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yu
5 / 5
These are my all time favorite snacks. I find myself craving these pudding cups. They’re reasonably priced and the perfect snack.
5 / 5
I love these sugar free options. You can't tell the difference and my kids love them. Anytime I can give a sugar free option I will always try it