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Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandal
Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandal


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I have one pair of silver and gold jelly Jack Rogers sandals and I think they are super cute, but they are definitely not one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I find they to be very slippery and uncomfortable, so I try to avoid wearing them if I'll be doing a lot of walking. They've lasted me several summers, but I don't wear them too often.
These Georgica Jelly sandals are good if you're running to the store, but I don't find them THAT comfortable to be spending all day in them or walking around a lot. I do find that they can cause painful blisters on the sides of the feet. However, these are less expensive than your typical Jack Rogers wooden heel sandals and still have the nice iconic whip-stitch look to them.
I have 2 pairs of Jack Rogers Jelly Sandals and love them! I have a black and white pair and a purple/gray pair. They’re so cute and go with any outfit and are fairly comfortable for a jelly shoe. The price is usually up there but i’ve gotten both pairs for a great deal.
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