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Jack Black Bump Fix™ Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution
Jack Black

Jack Black Bump Fix™ Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution


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This does what it says. Cleared up ingrown hairs on my neck after shaving. I put a few drops in my hands then splash on my face and neck after washing off shaving cream. I have also used it as a toner. Great product.
I didn’t see as much results as I had hope. I am still searching for a great product that will help for ingrown hairs. Still not a bad product has room for improvement.
I have had a trouble spot for a long time on the sides of my knees which tend to get lots of ingrown hairs and unsightly little bumps. After using this product daily for about 2 weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement as almost all of those little bumps have disappeared! Consistency is key here as I did not experience any difference when I used it only once or twice a week. Definitely worth it!
Should this be applied immediately after shaving?
Has anybody had any kind of actual success with this product? I have tried SO many, and I haven’t found one that truly helps when I get ingrown hairs on my face 😭😢. If this product doesn’t work for you, I would be in utter GRATEFULNESS, if you would be willing to share a product with me that does!! Thanks so very much in advance!! 🥰😘❤️jack-black-bump-fix-razor-bump-&-ingrown-hair-solution
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