Itay Beauty Brow Building Fibers Set (Fibers+Wax) (Md Brown) by Itay Beauty

by Itay Beauty

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Introducing Itay Beauty brow building fibers, an innovative product that instantly adds visible fullness to your eyebrows for a beautifully defined look. Itay Beauty works differently than traditional products because it fills in the gaps between hairs using natural keratin fibers. Use Itay Beauty to enhance your brows and create a more polished's as easy as 1, 2, 3! How to Use: 1. Sweep the angled side of the brow brush over the primer wax. Lightly apply wax to brows to shape, define and prep them for the Fibers. 2. Dip a dry, rounded brush into the Brow Building Fibers. Lightly dab from one side to the end, gently dab the fibers into the hair of your eyebrows to fill all gaps and thinning areas. 3. Step back and admire how gorgeous your eyebrows look, and write a nice review if you are satisfied. Our products can be used on all skin tones to keep your brows looking finished and fresh all day. Itay Brow building fiber includes:-1x 2.5 gram Keratin Hair Fibers-1x Itay Brow Primer Wax-Itay Beauty brow wax is perfect product for the perfect brow. Apply brow wax to the natural brow and then layer itay beauty fibers powder for the perfectly precise brow.-Itay Beauty Fibers are made of pure k


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