16 Questions
Rosa C.
Is it worth buying?
Britney S.
Does this brush have a lot of fallout after you wash it ? I received it for free with the new IT cosmetics CC nude glow cream.
Brynne D.
Is this brush worth the price?
Rianna D.
Did this brush change? I ordered this brush from Sephora and thought it was meh. I saw the same brush on display at shoppers drug mart and it seemed way more fluffy and full. Maybe I got a defective one :/
Criss H.
Is this brush used for foundation or powder?
Alexandra H.
Is this worth the price? And what is the best way to clean?
Eugenia G.
are they made of natural bristles? at what price can you get it? and where can i get them???
Loren B.
I Heard this is a good foundation and concealer brush is that true?
Olivia G.
Is this brush Worth the Money?